Rod Mickley

Posted on Wed, 17 Dec 2008 by KiM

Rod Mickley‘s interior design firm is located in Vero Beach Florida and the landscape certainly inspires his designs. Creams and pastels with rich wood furnishings, light and airy spaces with a tropical feel, this is perfectly suited for a gorgeous Florida summer house….the one I dream about every night while I huddle under my fleece sheets.

So Florida! So fabulous!

My favorite is the glass bathroom shower that reaches all the way to the ceiling…

These look great, hard to live in a room that clean with 2 kids under 3 🙂

I live in Vero Beach and have been a fan of Rod’s for a long time. I loooove his work and his showroom is fabulous. I have purchased many things there. Great post!

Beeautiful! My faves are the hula-skirt poufs and the outdoor veranda with all of the French doors…absolutely gorgeous…looks especially good after I glance slightly to the left of my screen and see 3 feet of snow outside the window.


kim. says:

I hear ya whyioughtta, I hear ya. (At least you’ve got a snowblower… and I’ve got a nifty pair of Sorel boots).

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