Rebecca Bradley

Posted on Thu, 18 Dec 2008 by KiM

A former antiques shop owner, San Franciscan Rebecca Bradley turned to interior design and became quite successful. Her sophisticated and classic style is timeless and comfortable. I love the Asian accents she has mixed with traditional pieces and OMG that kitchen is fantastic!

Anonymous says:

Your blog rocks! I love that you post great pics every day! I can’t recall how I came across you, but it was around a year ago and I visit regularly since then. Thanks for doing such a great job at keeping me and all the others inspired! Merry Christmas!

Yes, you guys are truly inspiring!

I’m LOVING that wall of plates in the last photo.

Also: I really dig the Scandinavian homes in the previous post. I love how Northern Europeans maximize daylight with their bright interiors. So cool. “Why don’t I do that more?” I ask myself.

kim. says:

whyioughtta, I seem to recall sitting in your new kitchen/dining room holding little Charlotte while being blinded by sunlight – so WORK IT GIRL!

Thanks Anon, and Merry Christmas to you too!!

You’re right that kitchen does rock. Thanks anon and whyioughtta!

I agree on the kitchen, looks like you could have all your friends over to cook! And the wall with the plates is really lovely as well. Whyioughtta, you’re right about the light in Scandinavia. I live in Norway, and the walls in my rental apartment are sort of a caffe latte-ish grey which sucks all the light out of the room even if it’s a really light colour.

Lauren says:

WOW, Just gorgeous. Found your blog & love it. Such great pics!!

kim. says:

Thanks Lauren, and welcome!

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