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Posted on Mon, 22 Dec 2008 by midcenturyjo

England’s grand houses, gardens and parks are the stuff of novels. They hold an almost fairytale appeal. For Ludwig Design, who specialise in these fine old buildings, “Decoration, for us, always springs from the property itself – where it is, its epoch, and its architectural ‘given’. We impose no rigid, imperious ‘designer style’. On the contrary, we believe that each venerable home serves as its own particular guide. The secret is always there. One needs only to seek it out. And on discovery, a property’s latent potential, its power to bewitch and enthrall, can be dramatically revealed for all to see.” The website is charming, mixing inspiration and reality, weaving stories through the rooms. Modern day encroaches but is always subsumed. Don’t miss their renderings. Beautiful.

Eva says:

It IS a fairytale. How charming. I wonder how historically acurate he is? Who cares though. It is a fairytale afterall.
P.S. Those little children are so sweet.

Merry Christmas girls!

brixpicks says:

great images, thanks for posting!

Lynne says:

totally magical!
merry xmas girls!

Anonymous says:

Is that hay house real, it looks like a set….magical!

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