Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Posted on Wed, 24 Dec 2008 by midcenturyjo

Another sunny day in paradise! To take your mind off the inclement northern winter weather I’ve been stalking this home in northern New South Wales just south of the gorgeous resort town of Byron Bay. It’s a series of interconnecting pavilions blurring the line between inside and out. Just right for this part of the world. And the beach is only a 50 metre walk along a bush track. I’m afraid to ask the price but a girl can dream.

The real estate agent has gone all out with this pitch. Lots of gorgeous scenery and lifestyle shots. There is even a dolphin surfing a wave. The truth is… this is what it’s really like. Heaven! Here while it lasts.

ooooooohhhhh. wow that would be the coolest house EVER. i would have dinner parties all the time! what a great space.

kim. says:

I look at these photos, then I look outside. Then I look a these photos, then I look outside. Then a tear starts to form in the corner of my eye, and I say to myself, “WHY ME???” All kidding aside (not really) this place is FAB and I too would have to host many a party there.

Anonymous says:

my heart broke in two when i saw this post. i’ve spent much time in byron bay and miss it so very much. i live in nyc and have been a fan of your site for over a year now. so of course i was shocked to see these pics. *sigh*

What a lovely place to be! No snow here in Stockholm right now but could and frost…

i live in byron and i am thankful everyday!

Anonymous says:

I would sell my soul for that house! It’s pure bliss.

RupaB says:

Heaven…it sure is!

Oh gosh I want that house!!! Byron Bay is one of my favourite places on earth, imagine living there in that house! Gorgeous.

Saioa says:

Ohhh, I miss the summer… 🙂

Mike says:

man… this house is "only" $2 million US!!! california’s real estate is unreasonably overpriced!!! move the house over here and the owner would be able to sell it at maybe 5x the original price…

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