My favourite dining rooms of ’08

Posted on Tue, 30 Dec 2008 by KiM

I will be posting over the next few days my favourite photos of the year, by room type. The dining rooms from this year (and by this year I mean that I’ve saved on Flickr after Jan 1 ’08) that have inspired me are below.

Reasons I love these: anything that looks Scandinavian, bold grouping of photography, bold colours, crystal chandelier over a harvest table, that built-in banquette is to DIE FOR, moody grey walls and floors (again), book storage, eclectic vibe, mismatched chairs…

i love these.
i’m working on my dining space right now so these are very inspirational.


Susan says:

New to blog land… LOVE your site..will look forward to all your favorites of 2008… I am in the process of updating rooms for 2009!

mette says:

wow… am i inspired… this blog i just h a v e to follow…

All fabulous!! And welcome Susan and mette 🙂


Peggy says:

Great post. Love everyone of these rooms. Great variety. No wonder it’s so easy to vacillate back and forth from colorful and white decor.

karlene says:

I love that extra large mirror, very rustic chic!!

Danielle says:

holy wow! look at that chunk of wood in the Suzy Hoodless room!

Aaqib says:

Thanks its great

lots of beautiful kitchen

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