Posted on Wed, 31 Dec 2008 by KiM

OMFG! Jo and I are VERY honoured to be among the top 8 blogs nominated for Apartment Therapy’s The Homies. Not only are we honoured but also surprised at how far we’ve come in 2 years. Thanks so much for the nominations everyone, and though we don’t usually like plugging ourselves I’ll make an exception for this. We’d LUV your votes so if you think we are worthy, here is where you can vote. We’re seriously just stoked to be among the list of such amazing bloggers. It’s a great way to start the new year. So on behalf of myself and Jo, have a rockin’ New Years everyone!!

(Below was supposed to be a photo of me with the cats but that was too freaking difficult to manage by myself – getting 6 cats in a photo is tough enough. Of course, I had to bribe them with some salmon which is why they are all looking at the floor).

Tina says:

Congrats! what a great start to 2009! and look at all your cats together, so cute! I’ve always wanted more than 4 cats, so 6 sounds good to me 😉

AMR says:

A biggie congratulations on the Canadian H&H appearance and the nomination!
You put together such an excellent collection to eye and think about/mind-escape to every day…and you chose a great title. See how many comments include the word "inspiring". Nice.
Many thanks to both of you & happy New Year.

p.s. Kim ~ I think you're only considered a crazy cat lady if you walk them (leashed or baby-carriaged). Oh oh. You don't do you? Oh, well. 🙂
Idea: Use a scroll saw and cut the hole in your floor into a cat shape (a seated cat silhouette would work).

Kim does have leads for them. She takes them out in the back yard. LOL. But she ain’t crazy! I swear she ain’t crazy!

kim. says:

Thanks for defending my sanity Jo! And thanks AMR and Tina! (And AMR, I had initially wanted the hole to be seated-cat-shaped, but figured a rectangle was easier).

Congratulations, Kim and Jo! You know I love your site, and it’s really an honor to be on that list of nominees with you. 🙂 You are awesome, and I’m constantly amazed by how much I see here that’s totally fresh and new to me. Thank you for the consistently well-edited and INSPIRING posts!

kim. says:

Aw, thanks Anna! And we’re honoured to be on that list with you and everyone else as well. Your reno projects are inspiring to me, as I have a house so desperate for renos in each freaking room. So keep it up!

cmoi says:

a HUGE congratulations! So well deserved.

You both have a pleasant blog full of cool images, but really how hard is it to copy or scan pics? Anyone can have such a blog and do that. Not much substance other than eye candy.
Hence i dont think you are worthy of top prize as you lack the intellectuality and creativeness AT readers are looking for (ie thought-provoking posts as one reader put it). But decent blog nonetheless.

kim. says:

Funny thing gregory-TO is the whole point of our blog is to simply post photos and not sit there and write tons of crap about how great this pillow is or that vase. We are all about eye candy (and spend countless hours scouring the internet for them) so you’ve hit the nail right on the head. OH – and did you miss all the posts of the work Jo and I have done to our homes and my entire kitchen renovation? Glad you think our blog is decent. You are too kind.

Down Kim down 🙂 The thousands of regular readers who come here daily come for images not for long winded advice or essays on how fabulous we are. Funny that a half snarky comment gets left by someone who then uses our URL as the link in his name. Anyway the bitchiness and uncalled for high and mighty opinions can stay on AT. I feel sorry for Maxwell and his crew having to deal with the trolls that inevitably come out in their comments. I feel Gregory is a bit like that inconsiderate person who turns up at your front door unannounced and unknown with no decent credentials or I.D. and walks into your house and insults you but in a polite way. I always like showing those people the door. Bye Gregory and I suppose you won’t be back soon? 😀

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