My favourite bathrooms of ’08

Posted on Fri, 2 Jan 2009 by KiM

I will be posting over the next few days my favourite photos of the year, by room type. The bathrooms from this year (and by this year I mean that I’ve saved on Flickr after Jan 1 ’08) that have inspired me are below.

Reasons I love these: old world beauty, most amazing tiles EVER, fun wallpaper, sleek and simple, copper tub (OMG), mosaic tiles, glamourous, quirky in white, insane view, dramatic, earthy, oversized artwork, dark and moody, bold colour…

Carrie says:

I love the green tiles in the second photograph

I love how you have picked bathrooms which are all beautiful and stylish, yet very different from each other. This is how I feel about the job of decorating my own home – what style to choose? I love it all!

Paloma says:

These are all so lovely! Great picks. 🙂

I love your blog!! I just found you on sfgirlbybay!! These are some amazing bathrooms!! My favorites are
Twig Hutchinson, Light Locations, and Kristian Septimius Krogh–that bathtub is also a shower? Wow.

Susan says:

oh my…all so different…and yet I could “live” with any of them!

alice says:

These are gorgeous! The first bathroom has to be my favorite. I wonder if my bath will look just as good if I hang a pretty dress onn the wall?!?

Love your choices. I couldn't pick a favorite. There were several that I loved! The metallic Lagrange, the Copper Tub from House & Home, and the Hutchinson bathroom…. LOVE 'EM!

sarah ss says:

gorgeous! anyone have good links/ideas for clawfoot tub accessories? ours has and old-time shower riser, too, but we cannot figure out how to keep the shampoo and whatnots, without it looking blaaaaaaaaaaaa.

judy says:

You have the best home decor blog out there!


Am I allowed to say hubba hubba rubba dubba dubba? Well it’s more creative than WOW! Great choices and LOADS of colour.

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