Not just new years day

Posted on Fri, 2 Jan 2009 by KiM

Today is a special day each year. Not just because it’s the first day of a new year, but it’s also my mom’s birthday. This year though was a extra special one, although one my mom was not looking forward to whatsoever. Today my mom turned SIXTY. Yep, a SIX followed by a ZERO. She made us swear we wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. We all (my sisters and our significant others and the grankids) went to my parents house and had an amazing fondue. I just wanted to post something for my mom because she’s awesome, and she reads the blog all the time. She’s pretty proud of me for my part in what Jo and I have accomplished with our wee blog. 🙂 And I’m proud of her because she’s one hot looking mom. She was hit on by many of my guy friends in high school. It was hilarious. And she’s still hot at 60. She might kill me if I post a recent photo of her, so I’ll just post a couple of really old ones (these were all I could find). One when she was pregnant with my twin sister and I, and one when we were 2. Happy birthday Mom. You don’t look a day over 30. I swear.

julia says:

Jo you are too funny! Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I am sending you an award 😉 Please view my page.

Thank you for an inspiring blog!

kim. says:

JO, LOL!!!

Happy new year to you too Visual Vamp. (And how sad about the photo!)

Thank you My Wonderworld!

A beautiful Happy Birthday to your sweet mom.

Happy Birthady Mrs J! I fully understand if you kill Kim because of this.

kim. says:

I have a bit of time before THE END – I think my mom is at work this morning. 🙂

anne57 says:

My parents had the coffee table from the top picture during the seventies…and now I’ve got it. Kinda surreal to see it in someone elses family pictures 🙂

kim. says:

anne57 that’s awesome cause it’s a great looking table! At least you don’t have the sofa. PHEW!

qerat says:

Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom 🙂

kim. says:

FYI: My mom finally just saw this post and sent me a really sweet, mushy email. 🙂 So no, I am not dead.

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