Liz’s holiday bedroom makeover

Posted on Mon, 5 Jan 2009 by KiM

A Flickr contact and fellow Ottawan Liz has been VERY busy over the last couple days. She has completely redone her bedroom and I had to post about it here because she did a fantastic job. I am also completely jealous because all I have done to my pale yellow (barf) bedroom is rip out the closet, leaving a gaping hole in the floor and chunks of drywall missing, and it is really starting to get on my last freaking nerve. Anyway, here is what Liz had to say about her bedroom makeover:

“I can’t tell you how much I love our new bedroom decor. Thomas and I have been planning this room since we moved in over a year ago and now that it’s done, I can’t even imagine how we put up with the bland walls for so long! It took us 2.5 days of painting and building IKEA furniture. We still want to replace the outlet covers but that will have to wait until one of our dads can help us because that involves electrical work. The closet doors in the photos need to also be replaced but we need to save up more dough for that because it’s going to be pricey! Also we will eventually do new base moulding and some crown moulding in white. The pictures in the white frames are going to be changed, we just haven’t found the right ones yet. We just couldn’t pass up the deal we got on the frames so we decided we’d just ditch the ugly pictures inside :)”

I love everything she has done to her bedroom – the colours, the symmetry, the use of white furniture that stands out so beautifully against the walls, the painted headboard….YUMMY! Liz has gotten the decorating part of my brain going (more than usual) and I am so going to get my ass in gear and start planning my bedroom.



Here are some details of her sources: “The paint we used was Aura by Benjamin Moore. The headboard is painted on the wall using a matte and a semi-gloss finish in the same colour (Bittersweet Chocolate). The accent wall blue is Caribbean Blue Water and the rest of the room is Sea Star. White furniture is from IKEA except for the white ottoman which is from Bouclair Home. Accent pieces are mostly from Homesense and Winners.”

Very beautiful! wow, wow, wow

karlene says:

they did a fabulous job!!! I LOVE the “headboard” treatment!!!! Might have to steel that. good job!

it’s beautiful.. but I think it looks too dark.

Tamstyles says:

I mean this in a good way I promise, but its a slang for me…When I saw the pictures. The first thing I said out loud was SHUT UP! SHUT UP! that room looks crazy fabuloso. WOW! I cant say anything else.

Great job Liz! And yes Kim get off your arse 🙂

Calirel says:

Great job indeed ! I love the colors and the hotel-bedroom-style.

Very clever way of integrating the pets too! I have done the stripe thing before but never thought of the headboard effect. Smart thinking, smart style Liz!
Lisa & Alfie

Jen says:

Wow, the room looks amazing! I love the color choices, the feature wall is so bold but it all blends well together.

Anonymous says:

Nice job! I don’t mind the closet doors at all, it’s just the trim/track color that could use a change.

~Tami says:

I like it!

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