Stephen Falcke

Posted on Mon, 5 Jan 2009 by KiM

“The trick is to build visual layers, just as one might do with a painting”

My new Asian-style kitchen has heightened my love for spaces designed with an ethnic vibe. This love grew even more when I came across the portfolio of designer Stephen Falcke. His work has taken him around the globe – South Africa, France, Australia, Greece, Israel…and these gorgeous locations have clearly inspired his designs. “I derive a lot of my inspiration from nature and think of my style as a melting pot of various worldwide cultures.”

T:o)ve says:

Thanks for another great inspiration! Love your blog, and I’ve linked you up from my blog.

That wall of baskets image is a great one. I haven’t looked at his work lately – thanks for the reminder!


I have always loved that basket wall. I have it saved in an inspiration file. I love the texture of his work. Very rich use of neutrals.

Haley says:

“The trick is to build visual layers, just as one might do with a painting” WOW I can’t believe this is a quote…that has always been more personal interior and exterior design principal (is that what you would call that)? I am amazed right now and a little in love 😉 I feel liek maybe I should quit my job and become a designer or soemthing?


The use of the baskets and basket-like weaves/textures is great. The textures are picked up in flooring, brickwork, cushions and upholstery textiles. Fabbo.

karlene says:

It would seem that some of these are a bit of a departure for you, different than your style. But, I loved the post. There were a couple of rooms that I LOVED!!!

michelle says:

The rooms are so livable! A little V.Wolfe…well travelled…to his look?

Thanks, great images.

qerat says:

Beautiful rooms. SO interesting and the layering is great.
Thanks again for introducing us to these wonderful names.

Posted a like image on my blog of the many organic and natural baskets…has been in my love file for quite some time!

lisa says:

brillinat totally brilliant id like to know why elle decor is not covering these designers i always thought they and world of interiors magazine were the best but i can see from this website that they have not done the job i thought they were doing! just found this website design to inspire from a link on aol..i will be visiting this site often how ingenious and fabulous and what a joy to see these new ideas in interior design. looks like design to inspire should get their own magazine go to conde nast or hearst and see what they say.. thank you again

lisa new york city

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