Art by Andrea Heimer

Posted on Tue, 6 Jan 2009 by KiM

I have a wall of art featuring portraits of chicks, and I just got an email from Andrea Heimer of her gorgeous chick art. If I weren’t totally broke right now, I’d be buying one….or two… They are from her new online art show at Art For Empty Walls. The show features five small portraits from her “Decadence” series. All works are for sale online – so quick! Go NOW!


Lynne says:

very cool portraits

very striking! such beautiful eyes!

NICE…! I'm shopping for some new art will check these out…thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

kim. says:

I just removed the last comment. Our rule is if you’re going to leave a comment that is insulting someone or something we post about, you need to leave your name. THANKS.

Anonymous says:

My comment was’t insulting. My intentions were good. This blog is one of the best blogs about interiors and I’m deeply surprised that You spoil it with posting this kind of painting (which actually is a drawing made with pencil and retouched with badly picked colours). I know that there’s no discussion when comes to taste, but here is not the matter of taste, but it’s the matter of skills. C’mon – we can’t all the time post comments like “it’s beautiful”, “it’s cool”, it’s nice”! Sometimes it’s much more appropriate to piont poor things. And this paintings are really poor.
Best regards

kim. says:

Your comment was (and is) insulting to Andrea but you are welcome to voice your opionion so I won’t delete your comment. I do find it kind of rude that you are being so harsh about Andrea’s art, which I adore and have posted about before. We don’t expect people to love everything we post. My thing is that if I was on a blog and saw something I didn’t like that was personal such as artwork, I would not diss it like you are doing. I would just say nothing. Because that is the polite thing to do.

Anonymous says:

When people are too polite to ourselves, even great, advisory blog can become nothing more than mutual adoration society. It would be a pity.

Even so, You are right in general.

Anonymous says:

Ooo, I love these, thank you for posting them. Too bad the one I wanted is already sold 🙁

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