Guido Barbagelata – take 2

Posted on Tue, 6 Jan 2009 by KiM

Jo posted about Italian photographer Guido Barbagelata a couple months ago but when I cam across his website and found a ton of jaw-dropping photos of interiors, I had to do a second post. I adore these photos and the spaces – particularly the first one. It’s the vibe I want to try and achieve in my living room when I can muster up some cash to redo it (forget the gauzy tent and umbrella). And the photo below it? Now that’s hot.

T:o)ve says:

Lovely and inspiring photos, thank you :o)

Love his work. It’s the lighting I think. So rich and moody. Those first two are, I think, Sara of London … the ultimate in boho just a little naughty boudoir chic.

Tina says:

wow the first room (or what looks like a whole floor!) is so amazing, i’ll feel like i’m on holiday even if i’m stuck in an apartment under grey english weather!

nosheen says:

oh my goodness i would love to have a parasol in my living room…how lovely is that!!!

So different to the rafts of white with beige accents, enormous glass windows, boring stainless steel door handles, pine hardwood floors and the occasional red vase that design magazines have.


If you want to see somehting truly new and inspiring, go to the net! Paper is so overrated!

Anonymous says:

Rainy evening in Vancouver BC Canada, came across your blog. These photos are fabulous! May be up a little longer dreaming of how to transform a room in my house. These are truly beautiful, what inspiration and thank you for sharing.

Lindsay says:

Wow. Are these rooms mostly in Italy? I don’t recognize most of the amazing furniture, other than those wicker PK22 chairs. I can never figure out how these photographers manage to amass albums like this – presumably they don’t get to pick and choose whose houses they’re photographing, unless they’re Todd Selby. So how did he manage to find so many rooms with similar levels of creative surprise? I’m sure the answer is just “He’s in Italy.” Great collection, thanks.

Stunning. I would quite happily live in the first and second photos – the slight Arabian Nights vibe is delicious.

Having said that, I’m a sucker for bare brick walling (as displayed in the Trevor Dixon post) following this one. If photo 2 had bare brick walls, I’d be unstoppable.

That mirrored dining room table is the most ridiculously gaudy thing I have ever seen…….. and I am hoplessly in love with it.

me says:

Guido is my boyfriend! i’m feel proud when i read these comments…(sorry my english sucks but i’m italian…)
@ Lindsay: i know that the first and second images are of a london’s house..

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