Ami McKay

Posted on Wed, 7 Jan 2009 by midcenturyjo

Canadian interior designer Ami McKay specialises in creating healthy homes and sustainable spaces. She crafts sanctuaries, family homes that eco aware but don’t scream “look at me I’m a green warrior” but simply are. It’s comfort and style with the right attitude and anchored in awareness and fact. (Amy even has her own line of eco sustainable furniture Pure.)

Simply beautiful. Thank you for posting!

I absolutely adore the lovely designs and beautiful colors of the home. Especially the bed room colors, It’s my favorite when I design my decorative pillows in particular.

Keep posting,

Oh that blue wallpaper is simply perfect!

Mike says:

I am jealous of that Rauschenberg poster!

WOW! I love this style, it’s exactly what I hope to achieve in our house when we have one in about a year.

It’s so hard to see past all the mid-century (while i do love MC stuff, I need something cozier I think) that’s plastered all over the internet, so when I see photos like this my heart does cartwheels.

So warm and inviting! 🙂

Chris says:

Nice work.
I do not have your gift, but at least I can appreciate it.
Really, very nice.

Terri says:

Oh, what lovely spaces…like a fresh breeze of a designer. 🙂

Seen these before but I am still not sick of them. I love the use of color in these interiors. Stunning!

Angela Tusconi says:

Don`t you know Ami Mckay is a fraud & these are photos of her own house, not clients. Her furniture line is defunct & all the stores she post have been closed for years. Great to call yourself a designer but that requires credentials, none of which she has. She takes credit for others work – that is plagiarism is most other professions – but post a photo and people will follow.

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