Gridley + Graves

Posted on Wed, 7 Jan 2009 by KiM

Anne Gridley and Gary Graves are a husband and wife team of photographers who can work a camera like nobody’s business. The kitchens I found in their portfolio are to die for…such beautiful and welcoming spaces.

Kathryn says:

I need a new kitchen, Really, I do. Loving these.

Rachael says:

i had to pick my jaw up off the floor – so lovely! thanks for sharing!

Linda says:

Wow so many wonderful kitchens and thank you for some great ideas.
Cheers Linda

karlene says:

Yes, they are super talented.

Terri says:

These are such beautiful kitchens. And I thought mine was okay – until now. bad bloggers!

Thanks for the introduction to this team – I will visit their site!

Terri in Calgary

kathleen says:

The porch in the last photo looks so restful.

I just saw some of these kitchen when I was searching through House Beautiful. Love the slate gray cab’s with that chunky wooden island. Great work.

Nicole says:

I love the big so clean..hope mine are the same like in the pictures…

great findings..keep it up..

Anets GoldenGrill

Melanie says:

I love the kitchen in he 7th picture. All that storage space is making me swoon. Although, I think it’s crazy she is wearing high heeled shoes to cook.

kim. says:

whatdoya mean melanie, you don’t cook in heels?? 😀 (I don’t even let people wear shoes in my house, much less heels that will scratch the paint off my floors.)

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