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Posted on Thu, 8 Jan 2009 by KiM

Ok, I’m still thinking about bookshelves and this room certainly isn’t lacking in the bookshelf department. I adore this space. So light and airy and the furniture is so plush you would just sink into it after grabbing a book from the shelves. What a smart idea to break it up a bit with a space for a tall mirror. And don’t even get me started on that light fixture…

I just discovered your blog last week and I’m already addicted. I love your eye! Keep posting!

this is one of my favorite images from the first design file book I made. i LOVE this room!

I need more books. Thankfully the Lifeline Bookfest starts next week. Now I just need a huge wall of shelves like this.

Welcome Veronica!

i’ve been thinking of wall to wall, floor to ceiling bookshelves as well, this is such a great image of one done really well.

Dana says:

It’s lovely!

Too white for me, but I love the bookshelf

Hi, I love this room!. Believe me or not, but I am preparing a post about austrian designer Emil Stejnar and his fabulous vintage chandeliers like the one in the picture…

Paloma says:

That is one fabulous room!

Diane says:

Charles Dillon was a friend of mine and he was an illustrator for Chanel … he had one of the most wonderfully decorated homes ever… his rule of thumb was that no room was complete without books

I too love that light fixture. Swoon. I’m also eyeballing my bookcases speculatively…

I have thought it was a doorway before reading “a tall mirror” mentioned in your post. Does it not show that the aim has been reached?

I would rather fill the shelves with more and more books and I doubt if I could take my eyes off the books, even with a favourate one in my hands, if I were in that lovely, cosy room.


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