Beautiful barn

Posted on Fri, 9 Jan 2009 by midcenturyjo

Clean simplistic living space in a barn in Oxfordshire. Stone walled rose garden with box hedging and lavender. Light filled spaces with whitewashed walls. Sun on stone, space for art and massive timber beams. Modern fittings but rustic charm. Sound like heaven? Then this barn conversion might just be for you. From where else but location company Airspace.

Love this;o)

kim. says:

This is gorgeous – except for that little alcove of a kitchen. Odd seeing how spacious all the other rooms are. LOVE LOVE LOVE the use of steel beams in the staircase.

I’d love to buy a barn and turn it into a livable space, but there’s so much to it that my head spins just thinking about it!

Tina says:

love everything about this barn conversion! the steel beams are fab!

Anonymous says:

Love the blog

Just wanted to point out that “simplistic” is probably not what you mean: “the act or an instance of oversimplifying; especially: the reduction of a problem to a false simplicity by ignoring complicating factors.”

And the more appropriate “clean simple living”

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