Happy weekend everyone!

Posted on Fri, 9 Jan 2009 by KiM

…and wishing I was here…

…instead of here….

kim. says:

I have been asking myself that very same question every day for the past 33 years….Ok, maybe just every day between October and May.

jawcey says:

No kidding! Gah – that top photo is so dreamy. I need a get-away like that!

Hey Canadians come on down to Australia. No problems immigrating so why wait. AND we’re not officially in recession yet (touch wood) AND the weather is never that cold unless you want it to be by going to the hills to ski.

Happy weekend everyone 🙂

I love that photo inspiration-thx!

Brandi says:

Just stumbled upon your blog. Gorgeous photos and you’ve inspired me to get off the internet and keep cleaning my house 😉

NAL says:

Love that room – were I ever to get there, getting me to leave would be akin to the labors of Hercules.

This one goes in the “book!” Thanks for sharing it!

kim. says:

Glad to hear you’re all enjoying the first photo as much as I did. The second one, well, that’s what hell looks like.

karlene says:

i am super with you!!! those of us in the winter regions, yuck!

purple says:

It’s not much better in Sweden, Australia sounds like a dream right now.

Lynne says:


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