Is there anything better….

Posted on Tue, 13 Jan 2009 by KiM

…and more versatile than metro shelving? I think not. LOVE their functions in these photos.

Oh yeah! Love these, too. Putting them on wheels (as in the House & Home photo) is an interesting idea …

jacklyn says:

when we lived in a loft we used one of these shelves as our entertainment center. it was awesome. now it’s in my sunroom for plants and books.

the wheels make those – so cool!

That first photo is cool. My only problem is that I am so unco-ordinated when it comes to putting them togther!!

Carrie says:

I think metro shelving also looks very good in kitchens. They are a great way to display ceramics, combining the fragility of them with the industrial look of the shelves.

I was the best purchase I’ve ever made in my life. We lived in a rented house with no closets and shelves at all, decided to buy Metro instead of cheap stuff and it is with us for 10 year now, and still in wonderful shape – and the style never went out of fashion. It can “walk” through the entire house! Good to see it here!

kim. says:

I agree Carrie that these look fab in kitchens and displaying ceramics in particular. Carla, they are incredibly durable aren’t they!

I just got rid of some metro shelving as my new apartment kitchen was too small for it. But it is the most versatile… Only thing I disliked about it? CLEANING it. Two cats + kitchen grease on tiny metal bars? $#&@%!

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