McAlpine Booth & Ferrier

Posted on Thu, 15 Jan 2009 by midcenturyjo

McAlpine Booth & Ferrier is southern and international. They are headquartered in Nashville but their designs reference all that is timeless and classic. Emotionally evocative is how they describe their interiors, “the inheritable house”. The architectural details are stunning, the texture is rich and the palette though restained is not limited. It’s like a gentleman’s grand tour meets french influences with lashings of casual elegance and historical reference but it’s not predictable and twee. Industrial and faded sits easily with linen and silk.

kim. says:

I really like the vibe in these spaces and the natural feel to them. I have got to mention that stainless shelving in the kitchen (pic #8). WOW!!!!

The use of stone is rather divine, adding texture and detail. But how do you clean that stone basin?

despinak says:

I love this blog.
Best regards from Greece.

I’m in love with these spaces! These are my kind of designers. I love that feeling when rooms look as though they were designed just for you.

Ivy Lane says:

That stone sink/basin is to die for! As for cleaning it, I think all you do is rinse it out…. or a light liquid soap.. I wonder how porous it would be???

Brandi says:

I think I’m in love. These rooms are so incredible…there’s something so organic and old-fashioned about them. The rooms play with the light and space so well…

Jo….. Long time no speak!
I trust you are well…thank you for posting on McAlpine,,, always some of my favorite work, has a very Saladino feel no?

susie q says:

I adore Susan Ferrier’s work. She totally honors the look of the house — but then quirks it up a bit. Her interiors are never stuffy and, even if filled with antiques, have a modern look. Great post! Thank you!

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