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Posted on Thu, 15 Jan 2009 by KiM

Over a year ago artist, stylist and designer Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo of ABCD Design emailed us with some photos of her home that her and her husband were renovating. We were happy to post them, and to my delight, she emailed photos yesterday of the completed renovation! To quote ABCD: “now that the renovation is complete, we are moving on to a new project”. HUH??? When you see the photos below of this phenomenal NYC apartment, you too will be asking how she could possibly leave this. There’s nothing I don’t love about her home. It’s an eclectic mix of styles that works so well together, bold use of colour throughout that stands out against the white walls, the dramatic artwork, those to-die-for hardwood floors, and don’t get me started on that kitchen and bathroom (I’m pretty sure I had a dream recently about that exact bathroom). Thanks for sharing these with us ABCD!

This is the great room (*sigh*…a great room would be really great) where ABCD works, and she and her husband Scott live in the back section.

I love her home so much that I wanted to include more photos that she took over the holidays that show other angles of the spaces. Just more eye candy. DELISH.

Our counter top is soapstone with an extra-deep undermount square bottomed sink made out of the same material. I chose it for it’s beautiful matte finish and to be true to the era when the loft was built. It is incredibly resisiant, and beautiful. I love that the shade of the counter will darken overtime.

Including the custom sink, our counter top was only a few hundred dollars more than if we did it in granite.

KatyO! says:

thanks so much!!

KittyMeow says:

Stunning!!! Woow! I love how all rooms, cabinets and closets are on one wall. So you have all those windows and a big long space free. The posters are amazing too and I love how they’re grouped. They really grab your attention.

sam says:

Absolutely stunning and very comfortable and personal at the same time, a rare combination in the design business. Your loft truely looks like a home! Love the dinning room chairs!!! What are they and where did you find them? Cindy G

What a gorgeous and welcoming home you've created! Putting together everything you love creates such a unique style and this one definitely has your own unique stamp. Bravo, can't wait for more. But for now, enjoy it!

I buy at vintage poster shows and at auction. All the rosy cheeked gals are either winged creatures, doing housework or sometimes they are wearing wings WHILE homemaking. It is a really fun collection to build on.

annie says:

I love everything about this amazing apartment…as I was looking at the photos of each space I realized i had pinned a few and did not even realize who it belonged to…I love the symmetry of the living space with mismatched sofas… And so happy that you added a few more pics with the holiday decor…it really is beautiful!

I have been following Amy for quite some time now, and just love love love her style and design sense. What a great job you have done to present it all. I feel truly inspired. Love the soft sheepskin rugs, the white slip covers, leather chairs, ART WORK -to die for, and a beautifully rustic cabinet. J'adore !!!

Elena says:

I live in Italy, houses here are completely different…I have to say the interiors are beautiful but first of all the flat is stunning! A good investment!

mehul says:

thanks for sharing awesome.

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