Sisters with talent

Posted on Thu, 15 Jan 2009 by KiM

Sarah Cihat, ceramist and home designer in Brooklyn, NY emailed us the following:

“I wanted to pass along the work of my sister, Suzanna Ivey. She is an interior designer in my home state of Tennessee. One of her photographer friends took some images of her latest work and I wanted to send it along for consideration. I’m very proud of her and love that we both are creative women from the same family working in the home design field.”

Now how sweet is that? I was more than happy to plug Suzanna’s work on Sarah’s behalf. They are both very talented women (Sarah’s Rehabilitated Dishware line rocks!). While the home below is a bit more traditional than I tend to gravitate towards, there are so many elements to note, like the green walls in the first photo (my boyfriend and my twin sister have both used a similar shade in their homes), the beautiful window treatments throughout and WOW, that glamourous bedroom (LOVE). Thanks Sarah, and Suzanna! (These gorgeous photos were taken by Sarah Dobbins – check out her site, and her blog).

Anonymous says:

I LOOOOVE this. It is just how I want my home to be. I don’t mind at all being called a traditional girl. This is just so pretty and comfortable.

Anon is right. These are pictures of beautifully designed and very very real homes. Sometimes rooms we feature are so glam and expensive and unattainable but Suzanna’s work is light and elegant, colourful and liveable. I can see kids in these rooms, real people not museum spaces.


karlene says:

She is talented and what a lovely sister!!! Isn’t that just what this world needs, love!!! thank you for sharing it.

cece says:

This is me. If only I had the bucks, I would hire Susanna immediately. What a gift she has. Thanks for sharing.

cece says:

Sorry. Suzanna with a z, not an s.

Linda says:

Wow, I love that bedroom too.
Cheers Linda

Anonymous says:

Great job Suzanna and Sarah and especially my sis, Gina, who owns the home.

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