Chesterfield makeover

Posted on Fri, 16 Jan 2009 by KiM

Georgia wrote looking for some inspiration for a project: “I have inherited and begun to restore a lovely old chesterfield couch belonging to a recently deceased great uncle. It’s a labour of love and I want to love it and pass it on after me. Do you have any images of restored chesterfields? I think I want to step away from that men’s club vibe and modernise it somehow with the covering… any input would be amazing. I think I’m heading away from tufting though, in an effort to modernise and simplify (the upholsterer gave me the biggest smile when i decided this, less work for him). I’m not having much luck locating images of nice revamped chesterfields (leather or otherwise) without the tufting… do you know of any?”

Now I don’t have a photo of Georgia’s chesterfield, but the photo below is what I always envision when I hear the word chesterfield. Leather, black (or brown) with thick rounded arms and lots of tufting in the back.

Mikkel Vang

I was a bit disappointed I’ve got to say that she may forgo the tufting, because I think the tufting is the best part, but if it means keeping your upholsterer happy and your wallet a bit thicker… Anyway, it was difficult finding photos pf chesterfields without tufting, so below I’ve included a wide variety of photos to inspire Georgia. Some aren’t quite chesterfields but they have fabulous upholstery, and some are tufted but you’ll just have to imagine the upholstery without the tufting. I am envisioning velvet, maybe charcoal grey for it’s versatility since this is going to be a piece passed along. I do have to say that the first one below has to be one of the most incredible chesterfield-like sofas I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure about the lavender but the unfinished style is totally knock-your-socks-off drop-dead gorgeous.

Angus McRitchie Lucinda Symons
Sean Myers Domino
Suzy Hoodless The Rug Company
elledeco Joe Schmelzer

kim. says:

No worries Peggy – I love hearing about your latest colour obsessions. Your gold sofa would be so adorable in pink velvet. *SIGH*

Janet says:

i only just learnt what a chesterfield is this week! it’s not classic – at all – but i LOVE the chesterfield’s by squint limited. yum.

Janet you read my mind. I was thinking Squint too. Love the patchwork but I think the look will date so Georgia if you want an heirloom piece maybe not. The main thing with the tufting is if you decide to do it check out examples of your upholsterer's tufting work. I have seen and refused to pay for some very shabby tufting in my time. Great pics Kim.

I love Chesterfield sofas! They’re so classy. If I owned that lavender one (first sofa shown), I wouldn’t let my dog anywhere near it.

Get tuft! I am waiting to buy my white leather chesterfield so am jealous of anyone with one.

Amy says:

Does anyone know what that amazing purple wall color is? It is so bright, vivid, and almost velvety. I must have that paint color. Does anyone know what it might be?

Anonymous says:

Lavender satin chesterfield photo is from Living Etc. If you’re going to attribute, might as well do it correctly!

kim. says:

Anon, since both my sister and I have saved that photo from the site it was attributed to, I think I’ll leave it as is. Thanks tho’!

Nay-K says:

wow, the picture of brandon barre with the black and golden wall is so gorgeous!!!!!

dana says:

Do you know where I can find the lavender chesterfield without tufting? I have been looking all over for something similar.

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