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Posted on Tue, 20 Jan 2009 by KiM

One of my favourite books of all time is stylist Selina Lake’s Bazaar Style. It is so inspirational and I’ve flipped through it AT LEAST a dozen times. If you don’t own it, do yourself a favour and as soon as you see the photos below from her updated portfolio on her website, go out and buy it. Treat yourself. I dare ya. Thanks Selina for the heads up. FABULOUS, as usual.


IRENE says:

Oh my gosh! I love these! Thanks for sharing.

Peggy says:

I’m loving that first picture. I adore dark rooms lately. And is that the Chesterfield I spy there? Looks great.

Am loving her penchant for just that splash of pink

Love love love Bazaar Style and these new gorge photos.. thanks for sharing!
x Trina

She seriously is fabulous!!!!!

Traci says:

Her work is truly inspiring and you taking the time to post some of it is definately appreciated! I love the approach she has taken to being able to blend both a genuinely eclectic and romantic style in her designs.

Lyndsey says:

I love the pink and white living room…the sofa is fantastic! Great work.

Does anyone recognize the fabric on the sofa?

Yes- Selina’s work is just fabulous! I haven’t seen her book yet. I am going to have to go check it out though-SOON! Daisy~

Sarah says:

I have to say there are some pretty special images here. Like the kitchen and the bread box photo. I wasn’t familiar with this but I think I need to be.

Ah, inspiration overload! Love it all:)

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