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Posted on Wed, 21 Jan 2009 by KiM

Last summer I blogged about a site I found called This Ain’t No Disco (it’s where we work), that invites agencies to send in photos of their spaces. I recently revisited the site and found more photos of workspaces that make me HATE the space I work in, that I swore I’d do something with and haven’t yet.

kim. says:

WOW Jeremy and Kathleen your workspace is UNREAL. Amazing job on your new kitchen space (LOVE the fridge!!!).

I second what Kim just said! Cool! Now I’m really depressed about my work space. Well at least my day job space.

Crave says:

Love the orange chandelier and the bright fushia!

Jennifer says:

Um, my workplace is decidedly sucky compared to those. Dammit.

nichole says:

Okay, I am officially pissed that I work from home.

kim. says:

Nichole, OMG you are so lucky to work from home. I walk 35 minutes each way to get to work in -30 C snowstorms only to sit in a small freaking cubicle with blue carpet and green “walls”.

I heart black and white interiors!!

Tamstyles says:

I love the historic painted photo!These rooms are hot!

jawcey says:

*sigh* I’m totally in the wrong line of work…

Alkemie says:

These work spaces are ultra cool! I’m also in the wrong line of work…

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