Happy weekend!

Posted on Fri, 23 Jan 2009 by KiM

Those of us trying to endure winter, stay warm. Those trying to endure a humid summer (ie. Jo, you b*tch), stay cool. I might go make me a nice hot cup of coffee….with Baileys…

(Photo below has nothing to do with this conversation, it’s just awful purty)

UPDATE: The coffee is goooooooood….

Anonymous says:

Is the word b*tch really necessary ?
And no, an asterisk does not make it better.
I love the blog. I hate swear words.

kim. says:

Swear words unfortunately form a large part of my vocabulary, in particular when weather is referenced. Sorry. Can I make you a coffee with Baileys? 😉

Ohhhhh!! What a great wall and even a better idea — Coffee with Baileys … yum.

Sam says:

Kim, great answer to anon 😉 And I’ll have some coffee with Baileys on anon’s behalf, please 🙂 and to reiterate, anyone who lives in a warmer climate than us is automatically a b*tch- pardon the asterix.

MMm,mmm…me likey the wall too! I might wanna clear the sideboard…but I bet the Bailey’s would put a chill pill on my OCD!

And, c’mon now, Kim…I didn’t use any expletives when I saw your kitchen. 😉 And boy didn’t I want to!

I miss you, Summer…come back!

Well seeing it’s nice and hot here and we have the air conditioning cranking out cool frosty air to keep us comfortable I might take my Baileys over crushed ice thanks!

sommerset says:

This site is..wow..
I’ll use this site a lot

Rikke says:

He he ..loves it:)

swear away, it’s your blog! love your display.

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