Tria Giovan

Posted on Fri, 23 Jan 2009 by KiM

New York photographer Tria Giovan‘s portfolio is chock full of photographic wonderment. I typically prefer photos with more contrast, but the spaces and vignettes are so simple yet stunning that I got over that pretty quick. Love the little window seat, the small window in the blue and white bedroom, and how cute that the antique coffee table has children’s drawings on it.

Love these photos! I especially adore the green sofa. What a relaxing place to sit or take a nap!

Kathryn says:

Beautiful! I definitely agree that there is something really appealing about the simplicity here. There are so many great rich pieces that are laid out in such a simple way that it’s really eye-catching.

I also really like the way that you’ve laid out these images. I’ve been playing around with putting together photo collections like this over at and I don’t think I quite have the hang of how to pair photos with each other so that the simplicity is maintained even when there are a lot of pictures in one post. Any tips?

I love Tria’s work. She has a great eye!

CBell says:

I love the white vitrine/bookcase. It’s dreamy

Siw says:

beautiful bedroom, thanks for the inspiration

kim. says:

Kathryn, we use HTML table tags to place items next to each other. (If you want details, email me)

Jules says:

thanks for the introduction to this fabulous artist! i just visited her website and it’s wonderful!

hello! i have a question. In a few of these pictures the walls look like bead board… or paneling, painted… what is it? We have awful brown paneling on one wall in two of our basement bedrooms (gotta love the 70's) and we want to do something creative… but my mom once saw painted paneling and HATED it… maybe they used the wrong kind of paint? or did a bad job? or maybe it really is just a horrid tacky thing and we shouldnt go there…. but the walls in these look fabulous… so… is it bead board? hahah. sorry for my rambling and weird questions:)hope to hear from you, either here or on my blog.

kim. says:

Mollybelle, if you paint your paneling and start with a really good, strong primer, and do as many coats as you need so any knots or patterns don’t show through, then it should look fine.

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