Flickr finds – Ikea’s Expedit shelving

Posted on Sun, 25 Jan 2009 by KiM

Now that my kitchen is complete, I have been thinking about other rooms in my house that desperately need help. My bedroom is a biggie. It is so hideous right now. Pale yellow walls, and last March I ripped out the huge closet that I didn’t need. This is essentially what it’s looked like since then.

For the wall you see there, across from the bed, I’m thinking of shelving to house the knick knacks I love but don’t go anywhere else in the house, and for all my magazines that to my horror, currently reside in the dungeon/basement. I’m leaning towards 2 white Ikea Expedit shelving units (the 16 cube ones). So for my Flickr finds today, I thought I’d see how people are using their Expedits bookshelves.

birds & trees Chez Larsson
Lil_Miss_Cupcake I heart Norwegian Wood
jrcraft paper pony
promosinasnap my little apartment
yvestown Super*Junk
korsbarsblom ernmccc


All About Eve





I heart Norwegian Wood

I’d like to use a couple/few cubes along the bottom for cat beds, because I’m hoping it’ll get at least some of the cats off the bed at night so I can have room to move. One of the photos above, ernmcc’s, shows what I mean, but then I found this one….


Eileen says:

I wonder if my French Bulldog Pipi would sleep in one of these cubes.

StarFish says:

Thanks for the pics! I was thinking of buying that bookshelf too for the den – impressed by the idea that I could close some of the cubes with the doors and maybe paint them some color and/or wallpaper like the pic with red doors on your set. And I totally love the green room – so nice and calm! ideal for the bedroom

Poor me. Ikea is too far away to deliver to Oklahoma, so I must go without (unless I want to drive several hours to Dallas)

kim. says:

thevintagechair, I often think how fortunate I am that there’s an Ikea here in Ottawa (a 10 minute drive for me) but because it’s one of the smallest in the country, there’s alot they don’t display or even carry (like fabric), and you’re lucky if they have what you’re there for. And it’s always a zoo so I’ll only go on Saturday nights.

Moncef says:

Nice pics, but I’m surprised you did not find any using the Expedit to store vinyl records. Here is mine:

Rochel says:

I have black expedit 5×5 and I love it! I covered the back with a fabric (quite similar to this magenta-pink arm chair cover in one of the photos – it looks amazing!Everyone is complimenting me on it, I am quite proud of myself 🙂
I fit it many of my books, and also some photos, vases and other tchatchkes… and there is still room on the top to add stuff 🙂

Kedawen says:

You had very good timing with this post, I want my dad to build shelves just like this for my library room, and I needed some examples for him. In my mind, this was the only solution for my library, I have SO many books… and buying regular shelves was not going to cut it.

We don’t have an Ikea where I live (Boise, Idaho – they SHOULD have one!!) so I figure my dad can build something like this. 🙂

Thanks for this post, and all the other wonderful inspiration everyday.

kim. says:

Moncef, HOLY SH*T!!! Your expedit filled with a bizillion records looks amazing!!

Rochel your expedit sounds fabulous!

Kedawen, no Ikea??!! That really sucks. I hope your dad builds you a great expedit-like shelving unit. Send photos!

Kedawen says:

I am embarking on a whole-house improvement project, but first on the list is the “library”. I will take/share pictures, definitely!!

I just KNOW Ikea would be popular here, and there are so many great locations for it. I just can’t imagine why they haven’t come here!

lucky says:

Awesome inspiration. Just purchased the big expedite unit. Q: what hardware to buy to secure the unit to the wall?

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