My love for all things eclectic…

Posted on Mon, 26 Jan 2009 by KiM

…has me adoring (ok, drooling over) this space.

Roger D’Souza

Tamstyles says:

That bed is the beesknees!

kim says:

The bed is indeed amazing!
There is another similar one that i found here:–
Also, if you like eclectic spaces, take a look at these:

The bed looks amazing, indeed. But I was drawn to the giant letter R in the corner. Oh, and that purple velvet chair… I want one!

I love the chunky plaster wall and the step stool used as an end table but the giant R scares me.

oh yes, wow…

henzy says:

These rooms definately are inspirational. I especially love the aqua blue hues.

Mélanie says:

eclectic is my style

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