Bates Masi Architects

Posted on Tue, 27 Jan 2009 by KiM

Bates Masi Architects is another architecture firm that believes strongly in blending their structures with the environment. Such attention to detail. And I love the strategically placed windows in a few of the photos below, that serve almost as peepholes, or look almost like a piece of artwork.

What a statement the big pendant does in the living room. It must be fun to have spacious modern kitchen like the one at the top – but simply not in white.

Jen says:

What stands out for me with their work is the generous use of wood, especially the wood paneling. It’s a great modern take on this decorative technique which was used heavily in the 70’s. This treatment is much better!

kim. says:

Isn’t that pendant fabulous! Total drama.

I agree about the paneling Jen – who knew it could look that good?

Those plank walls are stunning. Brutal but so impressive.

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