Cats on a daybed

Posted on Thu, 29 Jan 2009 by KiM

Katia from Finland wrote this morning with the following: “Your recent post about the kittens in the sink inspired me to send you one of my favourite photos of my cats. Here two -of my five darlings- lounging on my daybed in front of Ikea Billy bookcases. And if you look closely, in the lower right corner you can also see what these darlings do to furniture…” WOW – someone with almost as many cats as I have! And Katia, your poor furniture – I always say they’re lucky they’re so cute…

The little kitten is adorable!!!

Robin says:

I’m a sucker for kittens and big kitties also!

Clip those nails:-)

Sam says:

gaaah, will the adorableness never stop?? I cannot TAKE this much cuteness.

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