Cynthia’s pad

Posted on Thu, 29 Jan 2009 by KiM

Cynthia sent us photos of her Australian pad I’d like to share. I looooove the black swan chairs, and the symmetry of them with the windows on either side of the marble/granite fireplace. I’m also diggin’ the large artwork, dining chairs and buddha head thingy. Fantastic pad Cynthia – thanks for sharing!!

Gina says:

I like the artwork. Is it from Bali?
btw: the Buddha has to stand higher, he is superior to people sitting.
Great post!
Wow Joni,
what a great post. actually I like the first house much better than the second.
greetings from a traveler:Gina from Germany

Those black swan chairs & big buddha head are just so chic against the white marble fireplace. Swoon!

Peggy says:

Love the art collection!

Yes the art – wow! And the fireplace and the dining table and chairs but that rug LOVE that rug!

Funny you should say that…I was just going to ask about the rug. Cynthia, if you read this, where did you get that rug? It’s a must have!!! Great home!

Argie Bargie says:

Me too! Great minds think alike… Love the deco but the rug really caught my eye. I need it!

Anonymous says:

Great pad!!
Does anyone know what type of sofa that is called, and/or which sofa that is specifically, and where it could be acquired?

Anonymous says:

Hi, Cynthia here.
The sofa is a Jasper from King Furniture here in Australia.
Thanks for all your feedback! I’ll get onto getting Buddha up higher.

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