Misool Eco Resort

Posted on Fri, 30 Jan 2009 by KiM

Marit, a DTI regular, wrote us recently about her resort in Indonesia and we had to share this dreamy place with everyone. Those of you living through a terrible winter (like myself), I am warning you that the photos below might result in a few tears shed so I recommend having a tissue on hand. “Your blog has been a big inspiration to me as we’ve been designing our resort and home in West Papua, Indonesia. We’re an eco resort in the true sense of the word, using only reclaimed wood in the construction of our 11 cottages, dive shop, restaurant, and pier. I could go on and on about that stuff, but I think the aspect that might be of most interest to you is our Water Cottages, designed by UK-born but Australian-based architect Viv Faithfull at WH Architects in Melbourne. There are 8 of them built on stilts over a tranquil lagoon.”


“I designed the sideboard in the first photo and our Javanese craftsmen built it. It took 18 men to move it into place! The rattan furniture was made in one of the local villages. Together with Conservation International, we made a project to bring rattan artisans from Bali to Papua. The local villagers now have an income that doesn’t rely on unsustainable exploitation of marine resources. And we have great, locally made furniture!”

*sniffle sniffle* See? I told you! Thanks so much Marit for sharing your incredible home with us. Maybe one day….

kim says:

I’ve been trying to make it to the Caribbean. This is broadening my horizons.

You’ve got to go! This part of the world is so amazing and so unspoilt. Congratulations Marit! Your resort is stunning!

Courtney says:

Wow. Absolutely incredible. Well, add another one to my dream vacation list…

Peggy says:

That’s just not right. Hand me that box of tissues, Kim.

kim. says:

Sorry Peggy but I used the entire box!

rachael says:

My heart is racing.. this place is beyond dreamy…

Thanks (?????) for sharing.



i hope one of my writers will cover this this week so more people can suffer

OMG… I soooooooooooooo want to go there! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I will pack my pink luggage and be ready to go in a minute!

The HR Guy says:

I'm headed your way in less than two weeks (depart Seattle 2/18) – can you tell I'm anxious??? Dove yesterday with my travel & dive buddy in Puget Sound, topside it was a balmy 43 degrees, 45 degress in the water. I can already feel the sun!

Elfya says:

The grey sky hanging over my Belgian head is slowly hitting me – I need to get out of here! This is gorgeous! I could bring my computer over there and work from there no? Hm! Let’s check!

Thanks for sharing this piece of paradise!

Anna says:

Oh! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for posting this! I want to share this on my blog. I currently live in Bali Indonesia but haven't made it to Papua yet…..what a beautiful place to stay. I'll have to check out her website for room pricing! Thanks again!

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