Studio AV Inc.

Posted on Fri, 30 Jan 2009 by KiM

Steve wrote us recently with the following: “I’ve been a big fan of the website since a friend turned me onto it last year. Lots of inspiration for my slow house remodel project. In the meantime, though, you may like some pics of our office and some of the projects we work on. We’re a high-end audio/video/security/control systems integration firm in Bozeman, Montana, US. While there are lots of businesses who offer similar services to us, we take pride in working closely with architects, interior designers, home builders, furniture builders, electricians, and owners to ensure a clean, aesthetic installation. Definitely check out the Studio AV Offices section in the portfolio.” I did just that and loved the raw, industrial loft space and cool furnishings. See below.

Here are a few photos from their portfolio of spaces they’ve done installations in.

I’m amazed at how well the TV just blends in with everything else in the 3rd photo. Of course, having an image of fruit instead of Judge Judy probably helps with that too.

And the office is amazing! Just what I want for the company I’m always telling myself I’m going to start one day.

Laura says:

If I had a conference table like theirs, I would definitely be motivated to work my little heart out.

Great workspace! And it’s true – you need your tech guys to work hand in hand with designers to integrate the whole look.

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