Pup in a tub and a carboard chair

Posted on Mon, 2 Feb 2009 by KiM

This is somewhat of a random post but today I received lots of interesting emails while I was at my day job, and a couple I thought I’d quickly post about.

The first blew me away, as I am a sucker for animals as many of you know and this photo is priceless. Donna of Nashville wrote: “Your beautiful pics have inspired me in my home. Here is a pic of my sweet Eloise in a tub. I like to think that our bathroom is the color of the horizon before sunrise, that light grey-purple of dawn.” Sorry Donna but I’m having a hard time focusing on the bathroom when you’ve got the most adorable puppy ever sitting in the tub! (Thank you for sending this photo!!)

Now, nowhere near as cute as the puppy is a chair that both my boyfriend and my sister’s fiance emailed me about. It’s the sexiest cardboard chair I’ve ever seen, inspired by a Volvo C30 taillight. (As much as I’d love something like this in my home, it would immediately become a scratching post). Thanks Jeff and Dave!

oh that puppy!!!!!

michelle says:

You could build a scheme around that gorgeous pup!

White with popps of med brwn, dk brown, hits of pink like it’s paws and ears.

I enjoy your blog daily…your images rock!

Gorgeous pup!

Oh no you don’t!

Uh huh…yeah, right, whatever…nice try!

You’re not gonna sucker me in again with some cute pic of a dog!

No way…aw…aaaaawwwwwwwwwwww…
oooooooohhhhh….SOOOOOOO CUTE!

Damn you.


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