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Posted on Wed, 4 Feb 2009 by KiM

Interior designer Wendy Blount was the topic of a post Jo published back in September. Wendy emailed us the other day to let us know she has updated her website. Less elegant and way more funky with bold and dramatic colours and patterns. Such lively spaces. Thanks so much Wendy for the opportunity to share more of your work!

I love the contrast between the red stripe wall and the b&w zig-sag curtain. So cool!

This is wonderful! I also love the room with the red-striped wall and Chevron curtains.

Wendy Wendy Wendy! I loved your work the first time round and these are fab as well! I agree that stripe room rocks as does the one with the butterfly wallpaper and arched window. Very dramatic and fun.

Wow! Those are some stripes. Its cool to see that tree branch bed in a space.

So amazing! I love the cowhide chair in the 1st pic. Oh and the 1st bathroom, stunning.

karlene says:

i LOVE the 4 poster branch bedroom!

Bea says:

That bathroom! It’s better than my whole house, and likely big enough to fit my whole house in it. In fact, I’d move into the bathroom, except for the fact that my black cats would ruin the white look.

*Sigh* ah well, the dream lives on.

Love the boldness of the space that has the Platner dining table in it. The graphic wall treatment and draperies work amazingly well. Thanks for sharing.

snowy says:

that is my dream closet~! love how it is so white and shiny

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