Little Simmons and Sam

Posted on Fri, 6 Feb 2009 by midcenturyjo

I want to introduce you to the cutest little renovators I’ve ever seen, Mr Simmons and Sam. Ruth tells the story, “I can’t help but email you a couple of photos of kitten and dog during our own renovation. Little Simmons (later known as Mr. Simmons due to his white cuffs and pinstripe suit of fur) could sleep through anything; the sink is set on its back right in the middle of our demo and he slept soundly.) Sam in the sweltering summer heat slumbered on anything as well. My husband is a residential architect in Nashville, and we did our own home with a lot of sweat and help from friends.”

The renovation you ask? Wow! A remodeled ranchhouse with a lot of bang for a little buck. Look at the before and after shots! As Ruth emailed, the couple performed much of the work and used several do-it-yourself systems such as Ikea cabinetry and site-glazed windows to further reduce labor costs. Come back in a couple of hours for a full feature on Ruth’s über talented husband Marcus.

Pati says:

Amazing remodel! Wow. Love the cute helpers too.

kim. says:

I almost passed out when I first saw these photos of the reno. That ceiling, the open floor plan…UNREAL. I am SO GLAD Ruth emailed, and included photos of her pets too. Cuties!!

Kitten, dog, yes, cute, love love, pet pet…

OH MY GOD THAT RENOVATION!!!! Holy smackerels, that is gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous says:

Anyway, you could score some more photos?? I’d love to see how the exterior changed.

So nice!

I just came back hoping for more photos!!!!

I can’t get over this reno. MUST. SEE. MORE.

(And I’m tough to impress!!!)

kim. says:

Hey Anna and Anon – I just included the only other photos there are on the website of their renovation. ENJOY!

Nick says:

wouldn’t happen to have the link to their website, would ya?

kim. says:

Nick it’s in the next post.

Anonymous says:

Oh my gosh. Kim and Jo, thanks for the kudos! Makes memories of clearing out fluffy fiberglass insulation from the attic in the summer heat all the more, well, sweeter. Thanks, again! — Ruth

Kim says:

Incredible renovation. The open ceiling is the main attraction. Wondering though how the walls are kept from spreading once the ceiling joist are removed. Beautiful work!

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