Come join the 80s bandwagon!

Posted on Mon, 9 Feb 2009 by midcenturyjo

Here’s my chance to woo you to my 1980s’ bandwagon. Children’s rooms, office space and storage. There are some very clever ideas here and with a colour tweak or a slight accessory change these rooms could be very now. See everything from the 80s wasn’t that bad! Except vertical blinds, too much knotty pine and those plastic door/drawer handles – I will never forgive who ever designed those. Now I just have to wait for power suits with shoulder pads and big big hair to come back and I’ll feel right at home. (Just kidding.) Once again and for the last time images come from Making the most of Bedrooms & Bathrooms, by Mary Gilliatt, Orbis Publishing, London, 1983.

Thanks for those delightful images! I now understand why I have blocked out the 80’s, I was blinded by the decor.

the 80’s is not me.. But those interiors are a different story!! lovely!

Anonymous says:

Thanks for these great images – brings the time back when I had kid’s room with white and green furniture, and sheets with very bold daisy prints. I wish I had taken pictures of that.

Having grown up in this era I feel very comforted lookng at these photos. 🙂

kim. says:

These are great kid’s rooms! Nothing too horrifying, and I’m not feeling nauseous.

No, no, no! Not the eighties. I still run into houses, where I try to convince the owners to let go of the original stuff:0

Eva says:

There are some great things here!I’m loving the primary colors.

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