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Posted on Wed, 11 Feb 2009 by midcenturyjo

What does Southern design mean? Is it grand old mansions with classically inspired interiors, layers and layers of patterns and sumptuous fabrics, well loved and almost holy heirlooms and tradition tradition, tradition? Maybe not if Atlanta based interior designer Michael Habachy has a say. It’s crisp bright modern minimalist apartments. It’s broody lofts and funky nightclubs. It’s white vinyl rococo chairs and black walls, glamorous 40s salons and sassy salons. It’s whatever and wherever imagination takes you. It’s fabulous and it’s fun. You won’t find all these images on Michael’s website yet. He’s in the process of redesigning and has kindly sent over a few teasers of what to expect.

Wow!! I would never guess that those rooms are all designed by the same person!! The first bedroom is so serene and peaceful, the living room and second bedroom are dark and dramatic, and the last few spaces are so bright and colourful 🙂

I’m going over to his web site right now to see what else he’s done!!

Kelly (one half of DesignTies)

AnnaMae Bullock says:

There is store in the flower district in Downtown Los Angeles that imports them. Sorry I don’t remember the name or streets. I found it accidentally while walking to Mosketels crafts store.

Omg I’m in love with those white vinyl rococo chairs , anyone know where I can get similar?

The dark living room is so gorgeous and glamorous!!

Very Impressed – love it 🙂

Neil Giannini says:

I love the pic hanging on the wall in what I will call the green room. Any info on it?

pixie says:

Color – such wonderful color, even the white and iciest blues. I love that he is not afraid to change up his style.

im loving the dark living room! intense and well put toegether.

I love the light blue and white bedroom. What a great color combination. Very inviting and refreshing.

Beautiful work! Great color choices and so much glam. I love it!

Daniella says:

do you know where the nail salon is located? it’s so pretty! thanks! 🙂

Alecia says:

The nail salon is called Polished and is in the West Village shopping area of Smyrna, GA. Awesome place!

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