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Posted on Fri, 13 Feb 2009 by KiM

Abby wrote me with this request: “Congratulations on your amazing kitchen redo! I am about to embark on the same project, and am hoping you can offer some inspiration photos – both to give me ideas and to show my better half what the heck I’m talking about. My kitchen is very dark – no windows – so I’m planning to do white cabinets with white countertops (though I’m also toying with doing the cabinets in the palest shade of grey, still with the white countertops), to keep things luminous. I prefer a modern style, though some Regency details are fine, and like just about everyone I’m fond of Shaker cabinets. Definitely nothing country. I’m sure you looked at a million kitchens when you were planning yours, so I’m hoping you’ll have some great thoughts for me!”

A kitchen with no windows?? And there’s no way you can put one in? Or a skylight maybe? How sad! Going with white is a great idea because the light will reflect off the surfaces and keep it nice and bright. And I’ve already told Abby that I highly recommend the quartz I chose for my kitchen because it has all sorts of little grey and mirrored specks in it that sparkle. 🙂 I have many photos of white kitchens, so I’ve selected some non-country ones for Abby and her better half. Hope this helps and good luck with your reno!

AT Casa Bolig Magasinet
Dixcot Locations Coburn Architecture
David Netto Canadian House & Home
House Beautiful Canadian House & Home
Verity Welstead Living Etc.

Good timing! White kitchens are on my mind at the moment too 🙂

kareena says:

I love white kitchens. In the 4th season of design inc. Sarah Richardson did a beautiful white kitchen for a local toronto artist (episode "patsy's kitchen"), check it out at


oh my gracious. you do not even understand the depth of my white kitchen obsession. i’ve been browsing your blog and collecting kitchen inspiration for months and months! this post was like a dream come true! 🙂 thanks

Tururu says:

Love this white kitchen!!

heatherj says:

Now, despite having an super white kitchen myself, I'm not usually keen to recommend that my clients go 'all white' in the kitchen. I think the 'eye' needs to be entertained to feel satisfied. This collection of images, namely; 'Canadian House & Home' and 'Honky', however, have certainly caught my eye…

janie says:

Thank you for posting all of these!!

Justine says:


Anonymous says:

What great inspiration for a kitchen remodel. I was looking at making a few updates in my kitchen but found the price tag to be a little overwhelming. But in the meantime I found this company Appliance Art (http://www.applianceart.com) that sells appliance covers. It's not as nice as a brand new appliance but it adds a splash of color and makes my old dishwasher look like new again.

Hello – I loved your post, so many inspiring photos of white kitchens! I linked this up to my "kitchen remodels done white" post too!

Craftbuilt Kitchens says:

Amazing white! Small or big kitchen, you can never go wrong with white. Thanks for these white inspirations!

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