Mikkel Adsbøl

Posted on Mon, 16 Feb 2009 by midcenturyjo

I want to be a good photographer. Unfortunately I have no talent what so ever. I may not be able to take a great shot but I certainly know one when I see one. Mikkel Adsbøl is a great photographer. You know the mantra. Lighting, composition, crop, colour and lashings of enthusiasm for what he does. Mikkel has it all. Simplicity lets the message shine through.

I love the first two images – how wonderfully original! The wallpaper, the mirror, the red ‘cabinet’… Who is this photographer, by the way? Is there link to his website?

Actually, I can see it’s ‘Mikkel Adsbøl’ but there’s no link…

I just worked it out. Sorry… I’m an idiot *blush*.

Sol says:

wow Jo. These photos just made my day. Thnaks!!!

kim. says:

I think I’ve posted that first photo before…it’s one of my favourite photos EVER. LOVE IT. He’s quite a talented photographer.

Rikke says:

Lovely pictures and homes – especially loved the first bathroom:)

the bathroom is GORGEOUS…im thinking alot about wall paper ….

Kevin says:

I always believed that composition is key in a photography, then light + colours beautify the photo. Anyway, thanks for the reference Mikkel is pretty gifted. Love the colors in his shot, and the wall stickers gave me some inspiration for my bathroom haha. The lime green vases are fabulous – i have to find one.

IRENE says:

Such a beautiful ability to combine light and color. Excellent. Thank you for sharing this (and all of your inspiring posts. You are different and I really enjoy stopping by).

He is truly talented! Thanks for sharing – another great post from you guys.

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