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Posted on Tue, 17 Feb 2009 by KiM

I’ve got to admit that I love receiving freebies in the mail, and today I got home to find a package on my doorstep. It contained 2 Evian bottles, one designed by Christian Lacroix and one by Jean Paul Gaultier. They are gorgeous, and the kind of bottles that would look incredible on an open shelf or counter in a kitchen. (Mine will look fab on the counter). The Jean Paul Gaulthier is an exclusive design for 2009, and is in limited editions, so check your local stores if you’d like to get your hands on some. Amazing…even water can be fashionable. (Thanks Scott!)

Feli says:

You are so lucky. I have been searching for the Christian Lacroix one for ages. But I can’t find them here in Australia. Well not in my part of Australia. :*)

They would be nice to hold a single stem flower. So pretty.

Aah so pretty! I’ve seen these in the water store opposite Conad in the Termini station in Roma.

Designer water is so luxe and over-the-top.. love!

Hey where’s mine? 🙂

kim. says:

Jo, I’m hoping they managed to send some your way too. 🙂

Jany says:

I’ve got teo Gaultier, which i fill up with water again when i has people over for dinner.
But i must admit that i’ve never heard or seen of the Lacroix, even though Evian is just across the lake (of Geneva), at some few kilometers form where i live ….

Saima says:

I bought the Lacroix one from a supermarket in Barcelona last year. The recipient loved it; wish I’d picked one up for myself!

Anonymous says:

The bottles are beautiful and I’m glad that you will use it as an art piece on your counter. But, it is so unfortunate that our culture is obsessed with bottled water when we are privileged to some of the cleanest drinking water on the earth. Water bottling companies are not doing good things for the environment by their pumping of ground water and creating many bottles to dispose of. Just something to think about before you get to smitten…

Carrie says:

Lucky you!

michelle says:

I brought a couple of the Christian LeCroix (sp)? evian bottles to a christmas party…they were a great hit.

michelle says:

I got mine at Safeway, of all places!

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