In the pink

Posted on Tue, 17 Feb 2009 by midcenturyjo

Get down, get dirty and get pink. Nothing dainty about these spaces created by interior stylist Karsten Lulloff. Shocking or pleasing his colour blocking and super saturation are a delight for the eye and uplifting in their irreverent use of strong colour. Even his more mellow spaces pack that punch. Pretty in pink or pink is the new punk?

Jaie says:

This makes me very happy. I have a pink living room that people raise an eyebrow at because its such a VIVID shade of pink. But hey, it compliments my skin tones. Plus, my house my walls.

kim. says:

Pink is my FAVOURITE colour. And Jaie, why not have your house make you look good? 🙂

Jaie says:

Which is why I have the pink. I’m actually not a huge fan of pink, but it is a flattering color when you have big sections of walls. It also needs to be a good color, some pinks, don’t look good. I learned to my horror that the green I’d chosen in my kitchen badly goes with the pink so a repaint is in the offing this spring.

Oh yeah, these are my colors!
I love it, especially the kitchen and the first photo. 🙂

wow, that kitchen is intense! i can imagine throwing back cocktails in that kitchen.. not sure i’d want to live there, but i would love to visit!

great posting!

Peggy says:

I love me some hot pink! I could live in an all pink place.

Anonymous says:

Nice transition from pink to purple up there, but the stairs seem so dangerous. They are oval and small.

drey says:

woah! kinda have to wear sunnies in that pink-ness! glorious though!

Elise says:

I am interested in the glass towel holders in the bottom picture of the bathroom. Where did you get them and/or how did you make them? I just love them!

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