Kate Hume

Posted on Tue, 17 Feb 2009 by KiM

I posted about Amsterdam’s Kate Hume‘s interior design work over a year ago and when I happened upon her website again, I found many more incredible photos that I had to share. I adore the artwork (it’s Jack!), graphic wallpaper, stunning light fixtures and sleek furnishings.

Peggy says:

I adore the sofa in the first photo.

I just want to jump into that bathtub! Amazing!

Ashley L. says:

Oh how I love wallpaper! I love all of the patterns represented here! Wonderful post!

Jen says:

Beautiful photos. Is the “Jack” piece by Chuck Close? He’s one of a all-time favorite artists. I actually met him once at an opening here in Seattle; he’s a bit timid actually but his work is awe inspiring. Not sure if it’s Chuck, but I love it just the same.

OH,SO Beautiful!! That sofa in the first room is breath taking and the bedroom in the 4th photo is GORGEOUS!!

citysage says:

Love her work! I remember that living room with the acid green swivel chair from an issue of Elle Decoration UK last fall…it was on the cover and totally got me hooked on that mag. Now it’s the only thing keeping me from jumping out a window in the wake up Domino’s demise. So happy to know the photographer behind that shot—thanks!

Loved one piece of furniture more then the last. And then another. Really fantastic pieces.

These are all fabulous. I must say though, that picture of Jack kind of scares me:)

drey says:

i love this… esp the first few ones of the same place. (not so sure about Jack) it’s such a casual, elegant, artfully effortless space!

I absolutely love the sofa from the first photo. I looked on her site and it said for that house, she mixed designer classics with Birdman furniture. I’m guessing this sofa is a designer classic. Does someone know who the designer is?

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