Bart Van Leuven

Posted on Wed, 18 Feb 2009 by midcenturyjo

I can’t quite put my finger on it. Why does Belgian design speak to me so much? Is it the simplicity, the purity of it? The honesty? I’m still not sure but what I am sure of is the amazing talent of Gent based photographer Bart Van Leuven. His diverse portfolio captures the vibe so well. The lighting is atmospheric,. He lets nothing compete with his mission to capture the essence of his subject. It’s honest and stunning in its simplicity. Don’t miss his floral/garden portfolio. I’ve included two shots at the end as a teaser.

kim. says:

Love the openness of the stairs in the 3rd last photo. And OMG that branch/vine arbour!!! Stunning photos.

The first shot is stunning. Stunning. Great post!

kafka says:

White table and wooden floor are really great.

And by the way…

I read your blog every morning and I think it’s fantastic. It helped me very much in designing my own flat:) So I give you the Kreative Blogger Award.

I want that staircase! Amazing.

eirracoes says:

Am I the only one amazed by that last photo? Talk about creativity!

kim. says:

Thanks kafka, and I’m so happy to hear we inspired you.

eirracoes, I too am amazed at that last photo. Creative indeed!

Carrie says:

Lovely pictures but don’t be fooled we Belgians don’t always drive simplicity that far 🙂 I have pictures to prove it

michelle says:

These are savers…thanks!

brunes says:

Unnortunately neither of those staircases would meet building codes in North America without significant modifications (no siderails. Also second one has open risers with no guards in between)

I know brunes! Building codes in Australia are just as strict but we can always dream. Beautiful still.

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