Colombe Stevens

Posted on Wed, 18 Feb 2009 by KiM

Colombe Stevens is a Parisian architect whose interiors are out of this world. His work can be found all over the world, and his designs reflect the way of life of his clients. Modern, rustic, minimal, earthy, it’s dramatic in basic forms.

So rustic at times but still so elegant.

The golden mosaic tiled fireplace is fantastic. Elegant and modern at the same time. Luv!

Rikke says:

Wow great bookshelves!!

I love the workmanchip on that fireplace.. gold can add so much to a room, it’s breath taking, bright and ostentatious despite the modern lines. Fit for a modern king.

♥ all these pictures actually. That blue bedroom has awesome walls, and the lights (I think they are light?!) over that kitchen island are yum.

Jennifer says:

The combination of colors are perfect and the design as well. It blends to what many people like, and I’m one of them. I love the way it was done, every interior designs is absolutely well done, from the colors to the materials used.

I absolutely love the white bed on the floor with noting next to it! We sometimes don’t need too much furniture or decoration to make a room look cozy, beautiful, functional

Catherine says:

the shelves, the backboards for hte beds, THE SHOWERS!

incredible and so simply innovative.

hes got a strong point of view, together, and yet incredibly his own. great posting! thanks for turning me on!

Julez says:

That bathroom is amazing… Very unique.

Jen says:

I think I’ve found my decor soulmate! This epitomizes my decor aesthetic (or desired aesthetic rather). Thanks for posting these!

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