Timothy Kolk

Posted on Wed, 4 Mar 2009 by KiM

We shared photographer Timothy Kolk’s work back in ’07 and there is plenty more eye candy on his website to share with you. Such stunning lighting and I am loving all of the photography as artwork in many of the photos. And I MUST point out the wallpapered door below. I need to replace all the doors in my house (don’t get me started on that), and I’m thinking of plain hollow core doors that I could embellish with some trim and either paint or wallpaper. After seeing this photo I’m thinking WALLPAPER.

I am totally down with embellishing plain doors with wallpaper and trim/molding, but do yourself a favor and go with solid-core doors. HUGE difference. The weight of hollow-core doors is very unsatisfying. I never would have thought it was that big of a deal until I bought a house with 22 solid wood doors.

kim. says:

22 doors??? WHOA. You are right Anna because I have hollow core doors now that weigh about a half a pound each and they just feel so…cheap. I think I’d rather spend the extra cash and get solid.

Kimberly says:

The first photo reminds me of my mother’s law office when she was practicing. She had a love of 60’s style lines of furniture. So, takes me back.

The man is a genius! Love his shots.

The photographs in the walls are amazing and the art is really cool.

The yellow tralis wallpaper door effect is also fun!

Great post as always!

jana says:

Thank you so much for sharing; the shot of the stairwell, organic sculture and wall art is stunning; the light bleeding in is remarkable.

Functional q here on your doors; wallpaper sounds great theoretically, and obviously looks fabulous, but think about the practical too; I just replace doors in my design studio and did solid core with acid washed glass insets (which allows light in) but you cannot see through them—I love them. If you want photos, let me know. warmest, jana

kim. says:

jana – I would LOVE to see your doors. Photos would be very much welcomed (desiretoinspirekim@hotmail.com).

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