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Posted on Thu, 5 Mar 2009 by KiM

I am always in awe of great photography. Recently I have become very interested in taking photos and LOVE the inspiration of a professional photographer’s portfolio. Emma Lee‘s is exactly the quality I aspire to one day achieve.

I’ve GOT to point out the photo above. Holy smokes people. It’s incredible how such simplicity could be so gorgeous. Those grey walls are perfection. The dark floors and how the white furniture floats on them….I could not love this more.

Vera says:

Just lovely and very inspirational pictures.

Manvi says:

Kim, these are great!
You must be a mind reader on 2 counts. One – grey walls. I recently painted part of my living room and kitchen in grey! I wasnt sure about it at first but now I love it.
Two- the second image is very very similar to what I was imagining doing on my patio. I am thinking of spring already and wanted to have an outdoor loungy space that looks a lot like this one.


I couldn’t agree with you more about that first photo, Kim… simplistic and gorgeous yes, but that peek-a-boo pop of apple green just off the side of the photo is what I find makes the photo special!

All the rooms are beautiful. Don’t you find it interesting how interior stylists and photographers and make a bed perfectly mussed?!

Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

Carrie says:

Such vibrancy in these pictures! Great work

I love the second one. it speaks to me with my fav color yellow and blue.

citysage says:

Swoon! That morrocan inspired sitting area is sending me into fits of ecstasy! the yellow leather floor cushion, the layered rugs. When can I move in?

her work really is stunning. thanks for the find!

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Oh, these are lovely. Love many of them.

Can someone please, please source the sparkly gray quilt/duvet (assuming it has the sparkle in the quilt and not just dusted on top for the photo–hard to tell). I love it so much!

SalfromDallas says:

Any ideas on where the simple white dining table is from??

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