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Posted on Thu, 5 Mar 2009 by KiM

We received a lovely email today from Page of 3 Fold Design that I wanted to share: “Kim and Jo, you were both so kind to feature our firm on your blog. For a small design firm trying to do modern design in a state where Tuscan is still king is challenging, so thanks so much for the feature. I wanted to email you some pictures of the latest project we photographed for a young couple buying their first townhome and done on a budget. It is possible in this economy to get good design and not spend a fortune.” Photos of the living room in this home on a budget are below – love the colour scheme and that ceiling is amazing! Thanks for sharing Page!

Great space! I really, really like everything in the room but I think my favourite element has got to be the rug – I love how it defines and frames the living space!!
Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

jarehares says:

I really like the design. Inviting and modern, but not cold.

April says:

I love the use of blues and natural browns, reminds me of a creek running through a forest.

ED says:

nice but not eclectic enough for me ! An all to colour pallet

Love your blog.

What a great space on a very limited budget. All too often the fabulous room we feature here are WAY out of most people’s budgets so I say Hooray! for good design and small costs. This room is such a great space for the new owners to layer with the personal treasures they gather over the years to make it even more their home.

Isa says:

I’d be interested to know what that “budget” was exactly. “Limited budget” means different things to different people. 🙂

Anonymous says:

I love steel structure above the gracious interior decoration. My fantasy!

Great use of color in the space. Another great post!

What a fabulous space! I love the color palette,and the simplicity of the space.

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