Posted on Wed, 11 Mar 2009 by KiM

I am so ridiculously sick of winter and though spring is slooooooowly arriving, I am craving warm weather, flip flops and a tan something fierce. I’ve had the following photos stashed for quite some time, and I think this is the perfect time to share them.

DVA is an architectural, landscape and interior design firm based in Mexico whose projects have taken them throughout Mexico, South America, France and the Caribbean. Such exotic and breathtaking designs….I can smell the sea and feel the sand between my toes.

Peggy says:

Kim, pass that box of tissue.

kim. says:

Peggy, the box is empty.

That’s terrible Joy! Sounds like the temp we had here all winter. At least today it was above freezing, and has been on and off for a couple weeks. Feel better soon!!

Thank you Mia! And I’m glad I could offer you all a little reprieve from crappy weather.

Thanks Kim, after a very busy day, this post has ‘cooled’ my soul!

I can’t believe it Interior Design from my culture – LOVE IT! I need some sun – some bold design and some bugambilias flower pots in my life.

After seeing this pictures I have to say that I miss my country like mad – snow in March is not my kind of weather (lol)

It’s 26 degrees here (celcius) and this would be just perfect.

Beautifull, your photos are really inspiring, but this ones are the BEST, thank you

I was debating about taking a trip to Florida in April or not… My decision is FINAL! I AM GOING! Thanks for inspiring me!

Judit says:

Oh man, this is so 70s-exotic-Jet-Set-Luxury-Fantasy-Island-Feel… a dream come true… I need to visit these places

Kim says:

I love tropical houses! Just from looking at them i feel like i’m on vacation…
Here is one of my favorite tropical houses in Cabo:


this is like a dream.

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