James Tse

Posted on Fri, 13 Mar 2009 by KiM

Over a year ago I showed you some amazing photography by Toronto’s James Tse. As he is one of my favourite Canadian photographers whose work is everywhere you turn, I thought it was time for another post. Beautiful spaces, beautifully photographed.

Love James Tse, love your blog!
Beautiful interiors!

Anonymous says:

Il est extremement difficile d’ouvrir le blog, à cause de grande quantité des photos sur une page.Divisez les photos sur plusieurs pages comme c’était avant s’il vous plait! Merci.

kim. says:

Sorry to hear your having problems Anon. I have changed the settings to display 12 posts per main page instead of 15, so that will help a bit. This sort of comes with the territory when the blog is ALL photos. I don’t have a problem but my laptop is fast and I have a good internet connection via cable.

Love James work! Beautiful shots.

Another great post – thanks for sharing. James Tse does beautiful work.

I had just blogged this week about black and white rooms and this and the previous post are just what I needed! As usual, there is so much inspiration on your site. Thanks.

klkendra says:

O i like the classy black framed art groupings. Lose the cow skin chairs though — unless faux. Nice to see Canadian talent. More please.

I like this style, nice and clean!

citysage says:

Positively yummy! His work is really lovely–my fave is that last shot, with the huge bathtub and the worn persian carpet. What a great juxtaposition of modern and antique!

jillsfill says:

I agree about the cow print chairs. Ugh. Like when is that trend going to die off?? (pardon the play on words!)

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